Master IKE Justice Chinenyeze a.k.a C.A.LL.O.U.S “karlos” was born in the late 70’s,grow up in the 80’s an went to school in the 90’s.He started music in the late 90’s while in secondary school,later left his country Nigeria in hunt for a greener pasture.

Formaly LIBERIAN base business man,was cought up in the BRUTAL long WAR in liberia,serria lone an ivory cost.He was lucky to survive those harsh moment of his life,on his return,the pains an experience stir up de already  endowed talent in him.

He intend to  use his music an a story book writen by him of t hesame tittle “WE NO WANT WAR”to preach an promote peace not only in the war affected countries but in  Africa an the World at large.A true life story song dat wil heal wounds an encourage reconciliation.No child can flourish in a war zoon. PEACE is all we want.

If you are an advocate of peace download this song WE NO WANT WAR:


Phone:  08105136449, 08187272868, 07084844859
Twitter: @ikejustice6
BBM: 2719dc25

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