The highly anticipated song by Smart Ace and Dmex Rayne has finally been released, and I must say it is a song worth the wait.

Good maraji is a song about patience, asking Dmex Rayne what the word “good maraji” meant, he said: “my brother told me a story about how perfectly intelligent people in his school are called “guru maraji’s” meaning they are perfectly intelligent. this song “good maraji” is talking about how the human nature is prone to flaws and mistakes in relationship and its a song asking a partner for forgiveness“.

The word “I no be good maraji” was mentioned in this song and i am guessing it means Dmex Rayne and His brother Smart Ace are telling who ever has their heart to forgive them because they are not perfectly good (good maraji), am sure we all are not good maraji’s in a way or two. enjoy this song and share. their sponsors might be on your timeline, or living in your house.



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