CONGRATULATIONS SILAS! Meet Silas Adekunle, builder of the FIRST gaming robots in the world. Just landed a deal with Apple Inc.


The MekaMon robots currently sell for about $300/N108,000, and they combine real-world gameplay with augmented reality. They are made of plastic and are controlled using a smartphone app, which creates a virtual world for users to battle in and explore. The app is also used to upgrade the robots with new abilities.

The deal is similar to ones Apple has struck in the past, as it has looked to promote hardware startups that make particularly compelling use of its own technologies.

Silas, speaking to TechCrunch, described how the move came about:

“I demoed to (Apple) at GDC. One of our investors set up a meeting and they loved it. At the time, I didn’t know they were going to announce ARKit. When I saw it, it made sense. It was the right direction.”

Players will be able to choose between playing in the real world, or in augmented reality, and, according to Inverse, the robots will be able to move and use any object in the room to block or hide from attackers.

The robots are compatible with both iOS and Android, and can be personalized with both weapons and shields.

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