One woman’s inspiring tale of living above disability Meet Kelechi Uhegwu, A lab scientist, make-up artist, writer, poet, Radio and TV presenter and much more, Kelechi certainly has her hands in many pies. How does she get the energy to do all these things? Having proved her mettle, Kelechi has garnered a number of awards and recognitions.

“I had poliomyelitis when I was a toddler.” Kelechi continued her story. “My parents had travelled to Lagos, leaving me with my grandma in Agbor, Delta State. I fell ill and my grandma took me to the hospital where I was misdiagnosed and I was treated for malaria with several injections. My lower limbs got paralysed. I had paralytic scoliosis, which worsened to a curve of 58.8 degrees that required urgent surgery.”

Fast forward to today:

“I have been awarded several awards from Rotary Club, The Aart of Life Foundation and many more. I may not remember all my achievements in details but one thing is sure, I bring joy and smiles to the faces of people that have met me.”


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