Jacob Odulate was a Nigerian pharmacist, inventor and entrepreneur born in 1884. He invented the legendary Alabukun powder in 1918.

Alabukun, one of the oldest drugs in Nigeria and even  is still very relevant and popular today. However, not many know the Jacob Odulate aka Blessed Jacob, a Nigerian pharmacist, inventor and entrepreneur and  the brain behind the brand that has remained relevant selling in all parts of Nigeria, Benin republic, Cameroon, Ghana and some parts of Europe.

We bring you 8 previously unknown facts about him

1.Jacob Sogboyega Odulate aka Blessed Jacob was born into a polygamous family in 1884.

2.He was originally from Ikorodu in Lagos State but later moved to the neighbouring Ogun State.

3.At age 14, he trekked for three months from Ikorodu before reaching Abeokuta to establish himself.


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