AMAZING TALENT! Omo Bello, is Nigeria’s famous opera singer & is the Ist person to win three top international awards at the Paris Opera competition.

Omo Bello is Nigeria’s most famous opera singer. She  made history as the first person to win three top international awards at the  Paris International Opera Competition.  She was also a finalist  at the  Victoires de la Musique  popularly called the  French Grammys. The Edo-born Cell Biology and Genetics graduate speaks about her experience competing with and being judged by the best of the best in opera from across the globe.

Weekend Magazine: You just won the top three prizes at the Paris international opera competition. Could you describe those first few moments after you were announced winner?

Omo Bello: When the first prize was called, it was the French opera prize. This was not very surprising, because I was the only candidate of the finalists who lives in France. It seemed natural that the jury would accept my French singing as I speak the French language fluently.
The next prize to be called was the Public Prize. I was really over joyed, because the Public Prize is the one that shows that the public is for you. That is a prize that is cherished by all singers. I took a long bow in appreciation of the public and their votes.
When the first prize was called, my mouth dropped open. It must have been hanging open for a little while, before I took the first step to go and collect it. I was very emotional after that, thanking the jury, thanking the public. I am so thankful to God for this.

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