Professor Olabisi Ugbebor is the first Nigerian  woman to have a PhD in mathematics at the age of 25.

Born in Lagos, Professor Olabisi attended Queen’s College, Lagos and proceeded to Cambridge Higher School Certificate.

During her time at Queen’s College, she taught her classmates mathematical topics that seemed difficult for them.

In 1969, she won a Federal Government  scholarship to study mathematics at University of Ibadan, where she was the only female student in her class of seven, and graduated in 1972 with Second Class Upper Honours degree in mathematics.

The University of Ibadan later sponsored her to the University of London, the First University Statistics Department in the world,  for her masters programme in 1973 and her PhD in 1976 at age 25

Professor Olabisi is also the first Nigerian woman to be appointed Ag. Head, Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan.

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