MEET ABBA KYARI AN OUTSTANDING NIGERIAN POLICE OFFICER, a brave, excellent and refined cop highly respected in intelligence gathering, operations, tactical policing and crime busting in undercover activities. ABBA KYARI, is one of Nigeria’s most honored, highly celebrated Nigerian feared amongst kidnappers, armed robbers, assassins and all criminal-intent suspect. There had been no crime case-nut he has not cracked open in Nigeria.

Kyari put his life on the line everyday without fear, challenge criminals, chase them out from their hideouts even at his own risk, yet due to his undying passion for professionalism policing, he pursues every crime case with all integrity, determination and seriousness that always lead to outstanding success.

Due to his many anti-crime successes, this Geography graduate from the University of Maiduguri was promoted Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP. In the police circle in Africa’s most populous black nation, Kyari is regarded the youngest high-ranking police officer in Nigeria.



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