Gudnewz again with another hit single you can vibe to. The message is tight and the beat is trap. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting it for free now👇



Verse 1
They gat no time to be passionate
That’s what the demons been telling ’em.
Talk to me where is your God and the government?
Build on your craft and stop sorting ’em.
Your burden is calling you boy.
Tears in your eyes have been failing you.
Treasures on earth have been stalking you
Cast all your cares on him and flee evil rocking you.
My mama have been purging since
Purging from sins and her disbelieve.
Purging from doubt and the memory
Praying protection in her heart majorly.
I gat no evil that roll with me
I’ve been confessing this deeply.
Tell all this people mocking me
Am praying his love in your sensory.

We’re born a winner (Jesus)

Our burden Jesus took it all
We’re born a winner (Jesus)

We gat nothing to worry about
we’re born a winner(Jesus)

We gat love from the blood of the king.
We’re born a winner(Jesus)
This is power generation the activation is from the source.
We’re born winner(Jesus). 2x

Preachers where’s your God and the government?
Why are we equally yoked with ’em now?
Devil has become a spider web
Tell all this folks the end time is here.
Goliath is death, David is living
The lion of tribe of Judah is still speaking
The atmosphere is changing, the blessings are raining.
The evidence is relevant in celebrant Jesus.
This is power generation and we have the word of God propelling us.
Tell the government we control the economy, if you need solution connect with us.
They don’t understand this, how they gone understand when they keep fighting us?
We’re subduers, the multipliers and you think you can battle us.
You can’t battle us now!

Verse 3
My luxury is possibility
I don’t need no money but ability.
My dad is late but God cover me.
Ya, miracle miracle this is the pinnacle.
Talk to him
When your heart is available and all your feelings are incomparable.
Talk to him
When your hope seems lost and your heart is grazing for some energy.
Here is the victory
Christ is the victory, my hope and my ministry evolve in him.
I’m bless so what y’all telling.
Watch your steps before you hurt your feet.

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